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Responsive Website Design for Better and Efficient SEO

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A responsive website design comes highly recommended by Google in order to enhance your website optimization process. While a responsive design is considered to be a subject matter about website design and development, it is also an important aspect of any search engine optimization strategy. A responsive website design provides the concept of enhancing a website user interface as highly adaptive to all screen sizes for major devices like tablets, laptops and desktop viewing. Considering the rapid growth of mobile users, it is necessary to make your website optimized for mobile viewing to enhance your SEO digital marketing campaign.

Adopting the trend of responsive website design for SEO

Aside from the rising market demands for responsive websites in digital marketing, search engine optimization in Atlanta has adopted the concept of integrating website design and development as part of its SEO strategy. By making your business website mobile friendly, you can leverage on the following advantages and benefits to your digital marketing campaigns:

  • Fast loading page views
  • Better viewer engagement
  • Attracting more leads
  • Converting leads for better ROI
  • Enhanced search engine optimization campaign by driving more traffic to your business
  • Convenient management of your SEO campaign by using a single URL for both desktop and mobile sites.
  • Enhancing the ability of the search engine to index and crawl websites with a single URL.

Best SEO industry practice using responsive website design

Atlanta website designing companies are adopting the trend of using responsive website designs as one of the best practices in the search engine optimization industry. Google is quite open about its preference for webmasters to use a responsive design in order to deliver the best viewing experience to online users. With this communicated preference of the Google search engine to mobile friendly websites, it is high time to switch your SEO digital marketing campaign direction towards the development of a more responsive design. This will help the search engine to render a single CSS media query for every device that is trying to access your site using one HTML platform with better convenience.

Better search ranking for your website

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Website developers in Atlanta recognize the ease of indexing the URL of every web page and on the same HTML platform even on different device viewing by the search engine which benefits the efforts of any SEO services campaign. Website visitors of a site tend to enjoy a better viewing experience when there is an ease of transition of the website according to the kind of device used by them. The search engine is able to index and rank a responsive website with better accuracy

1. Responsive website designs promote social engagement

The search engine uses website responsiveness as a search ranking metric that affect social engagement of a website visitor. Google drives webmasters to provide their website visitors an engaging viewing experience by making their sites as responsive as possible to cater to the different demands on their visitor’s viewing needs. Maintaining different sites for a desktop and mobile viewing tends to confuse your viewers and more so the search engine algorithm as well. Using varied versions of your business site makes your business less engaging to your visitors while making it harder for the Google search engine to index and rank it for the search results making it a bad SEO tactic to use in digital marketing.

2. Responsive website design prevents link dilution

If you are doing link juices as part of your SEO strategy, a responsive website design will benefit your link building efforts by preventing the occurrence of link dilution. A website design that is responsive for viewing will allow your links to flow more efficiently back to your site while keeping all your social links in a single place for better SEO results.

3. SEO digital marketing enhancements

Responsive website designs are the frontier in providing your website visitors a more satisfying viewing experience while providing unparalleled benefits to your SEO digital marketing campaigns. The tablet sale has exceeded more than 100 million in the year 2013 and the statistics is predicted to grow more in 2014. The Atlanta website design companies recommend of bringing out some enhancements to your website design that should aim in achieving these changing viewing needs of internet users.

Among the best features of a responsive website should include the following:

  • The text and color elements of your website should be able to accommodate the small screen of the device used by your visitor.
  • Implemented elements will download fast with efficient display of your images and content that will be convenient for mobile viewing.
  • All the functionality available to your website works well without causing any issue to your website visitor.
  • The navigational experience of your website visitor is enhanced by using a user interface that is perfect to the screen size used by your potential customers.

With a responsive design enhancement you can retain the interest of internet users who are likely to be interested about your business, after all they took the time to visit and view your site. An unresponsive website can turn off their interest and you cannot afford losing valuable leads for your digital marketing campaigns because of this flaw in your web design and development structure.

Integrating responsive website design to SEO

Responsive Website Design for Better and Efficient SEO image responsive web design

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An awesome responsive website is one that has the capability of accommodating the various viewing needs of its visitors without the need of changing its URL. You will need the help of a professional web design and development expert in order to optimize your digital marketing efforts. There are many Atlanta website designers who can provide you the assistance of developing the most appropriate responsive design that will promote your search engine optimization goals while increasing your expected return of investments from your business.

A responsive design is easier to manage without sacrificing the quality of the viewing experience that your website can deliver to your website visitors. It can deliver various forms of viewing across different mobile platforms without the need of managing a separate website for mobile and desktop viewers. With a responsive website design you can further engage your potential customers while giving them the opportunity to navigate, explore and buy your products through the smooth user interface of your website.

A responsive website can retain the interest and engage your website visitors to your products and services. At Digital Warriors, we can help introduce the most appropriate website design and development that your business needs for better optimization of converting your leads to profits.

9 principles Google created for its colorful ‘Material Design’ UI refresh


When Google unveiled its ‘L Developer Preview‘ for Android yesterday, it did so alongside a new “visual language” called Material Design. The vibrant aesthetic will be rolled out across all of Google’s platforms, including Chrome OS and the Web, creating a unified look that binds all of its products together.

The flat design throws in splashes of bright color to reflect a lightweight, welcoming look. Animations have been tweaked to make the experience more playful, while ensuring the maximum amount of content is always visible.

Over on Google+, the company has released some artwork for a printed kit given to I/O attendees. The featured postcards are not only beautiful, but feature small captions that explain the principles behind the new design language.

Google offers the following introduction:

“Design is the art of considered creation. Our goal is to satisfy the diverse spectrum of human needs. As those needs evolve, so too must our designs, practices, and philosophies.

We challenged ourselves to create a visual language for our users that synthesizes the classic principles of good design with the innovation and possibility of technology and science. 

This is Material Design.”

1 730x1096 9 principles Google created for its colorful ‘Material Design’ UI refresh

1: Material is the metaphor

A material metaphor is the unifying theory of a rationalized space and a system of motion. Our material is grounded in tactile reality, inspired by our study of paper and ink, yet open to imagination and magic.

2 730x1096 9 principles Google created for its colorful ‘Material Design’ UI refresh

2: Surfaces are intuitive and natural

Surfaces and edges provide visual cues that are grounded in our experience of reality. The use of familiar tactile attributes speaks to primal parts of our brains and helps us quickly understand affordances.

3 730x1096 9 principles Google created for its colorful ‘Material Design’ UI refresh

3: Dimensionality affords interaction

The fundamentals of light, surface, and movement are key to conveying how objects interact. Realistic lighting shows seams, divides space, and indicates moving parts.

4 730x1096 9 principles Google created for its colorful ‘Material Design’ UI refresh

4: One adaptive design

A single underlying design system organizes interactions and space. Each device reflects a different view of the same underlying system. Each view is tailored to the size and interaction appropriate for that device. Colors, iconography, hierarchy, and spatial relationships remain constant.

5 730x1096 9 principles Google created for its colorful ‘Material Design’ UI refresh

5: Content is bold, graphic, and intentional

Bold design creates hierarchy, meaning, and focus. Deliberate color choices, edge-to-edge imagery, large-scale typography, and intentional white space create immersion and clarity.

6 730x1096 9 principles Google created for its colorful ‘Material Design’ UI refresh

6: Color, surface, and iconography emphasize actions

User action is the essence of experience design. The primary actions are inflection points that transform the whole design. Their emphasis makes core functionality immediately apparent and provides waypoints for the user.

7 730x1096 9 principles Google created for its colorful ‘Material Design’ UI refresh

7: Users initiate change

Changes in the interface derive their energy from user actions. Motion that cascades from touch respects and reinforces the user as the prime mover.

8 730x1096 9 principles Google created for its colorful ‘Material Design’ UI refresh

8: Animation is choreographed on a shared stage

All action takes place in a single environment. Objects are presented to the user without breaking the continuity of experience even as they transform and reorganize.

9 730x1096 9 principles Google created for its colorful ‘Material Design’ UI refresh

9: Motion provides meaning

Motion is meaningful and appropriate, serving to focus attention and maintain continuity. Feedback is subtle yet clear. Transitions are efficient yet coherent.

Head here to learn more about Google’s new design direction and download its latest guidelines, assets and resources.

Google brings in the big guns to help make Glass look cool

Google Glasses

Google’s most ambitious wearable tech device has had something of an image problem ever since its release. It was famously not helped by Robert Scoble posting a photo of himself in the shower saying “You thought I was kidding when I said I would never take them off.”

Scoble Glass Shower

The technology giant has therefore hired fashion expert and Harvard alumnus Ivy Ross to change its image, and she has the resume to do it to. She comes with experience from Calvin Klein, Swatch, Gap, Coach, to name a few. She was also the vice president of design and development for Outlook Eyewear for the contact lens manufacturer Bausch & Lomb.

Her hire is on the coat-tails of multiple efforts by Google to revamp their image, most notably the Vogue spread in September, and NBA star Roy Hibbert wearing the device and making a promo video in August.

Now it needs to bring someone in-house to really take a look at how to reimage the product, because as of last week (at least for a day) Google Glass is on sale to everyone… well everyone in the United States, and of those, everyone with a spare US$1 500 just lying around. My point is that it is no longer just those who have I/O tickets or Google on their business card.

This is what Ross posted on the official Glass Google+ page about how she is looking forward to starting work today:

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