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Hi, I'm Martijn Vreugde this is a collection of my rambling thoughts on modern media, inspirational design and... well pretty much anything I found interesting enough to share with you fine upstanding folks of the internet.

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About Me

Martijn Vreugde

Martijn Vreugde

Creative Director of Mind Camp Technologies

I have become rather enveloped in the social media wave as well as the explosive tech industry that has come about in the last few years.

Also as a side note, a Designer, Photoshop junkie, stalker of internet trends, utterly addicted to Google. Oh yeah, and in love with my iPhone

Have Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design specialising in Advertising. Now I know thats practically saying I’m good at making pretty pictures that lie to you, but I swear I’m one of the good guys… honest… no really… stop looking at me like that…

I have accumulated experience in both print and web media over the years working with and pitching to a wide range of clients from CocaCola and FNB to local fashion designers and Chamber Orchestra of Johannesburg.

In 2010 I started Mind Camp Technologies with great developer colleague Joaquim Rodrigues and we have been helping a wide and some times weird variety of clients with their digital needs.

We also have some pet projects we do on the side for fun, my favourite so far is which describes itself as "The digital caffeine that keeps you awake while struggling through the monotonous boredom that inevitably plagues us desk jockeys at some point.". It’s a great site, you should check it out when you have a chance.